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We are a group of young adults that come together to seek after God. We meet every Sunday morning during first service at the Edge. Doors open at 9AM with items available for breakfast (for free). We then get into our message at 9:30am.

Our Church

Element Young Adults is a ministry that is a part of Christian Life Center

Small Groups

If you are interested in finding more information about the small groups that we have listed below shoot us over an email.  We would love to help get you plugged in and connected to what is going on at Element Young Adults!



Daniel Chapter Three

This is one of the more popular Old Testament stories.  This is one that has been told to every age group in every imaginable way.  I can still see the flannel board being pulled out and the people being stuck up there! In chapter three we see the king building one giant statue of gold. […]


Daniel Chapter Two

In Daniel chapter two the kind has a vision that he wasn’t the wise men to interpret.  Not only does he want them to interpret what the dream means, he wants them to tell him what the dream was in the first place.  He is doing this so he can be sure they are know […]


Daniel Chapter One

Let us set the stage for the new series we are going to be in.  The book of Daniel was written by a man named…?  Daniel.  The book was written  to give a historical account of the faithful Jews who lived in captivity and to show how God is in control.  The book was written […]

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